Solar Water Heaters

New Sun Solar

  • SWH-UNIQUE Features
  • Solar Water Heating Systems with Evacuted Tube Collector
  • Inner Tank made of CRCA & GI with epoxy anti-corrosion coating
  • Good  heat absorption and better retention
  • Highly economical Solar Water Heating Technology
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • An ideal for coping with hard water, designed for durability
  • Extremely strong impact transparent Borosilicate ETC tubes with Vacuum
  • Minimum overnight heat loss due to PUF installed storage with vacuum

New Sun Solar Plus

  • Advantages:
  • Power saving on electric bill up to 60%
  • Rebate on electricity bill @ Rs.0.50 per unit
  • Payback period within 3-4years
  • Less maintenance & zero fuel cost
  • Excellent after sales service
  • Available in different models & various capacities like 100,150,200,250,300,500,750,1000 and more

For Commercial


  • Layer Systems find better use in Restaurants, Guest Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Industries
  • ETC & FPC systems are also available
  • Highly economical, Save money
  • Significantly reduces your Monthly Electric Bill


Solar Water Heating Systems with Evacuated Tube Collector

    • Inner Tank made of SS304 & 316 grade, Outer claddings SS 430,0.3/0.4mm with side dish SS
    • Better performance in winter & non-sunny days
    • Specially designed for water less than 200ppm
    • Most cost effective
    • Much suits to highly Alkaline content water
    • In case of damage to the collector, Tube can be replaced without effecting others
    • Considerably occupies less space for installation


    • Expert advice ,Quick & Timely response
    • 1 year warranty + 4 years performance warranty against AMC
    • We are proud that our product is Max-Zone
    • All components are tested for “SUPERIOR QUALITY”

Solar Water Heating Systems with Flat Plate Collector

  • Inner tank made of CRCA & GI with Epoxy anti-corrosion coating Outer cladding pre-coated
  • Most reliable method of Solar Water Heating
  • Better Performance in limited sunny days
  • Sturdy & specially designed structural stands
  • Flat plate collectors with higher efficiency
  • In-built back-up electrical coil and sacrificial anode
  • Copper absorber with laser welded for higher heat transfer